Sunday, 2 October 2016

A Hymn for a Service of Blessing the Animals

I have written several jokey parodies of hymns, but only twice written serious hymns. This is one of them. At our church in Creationtide we have a service for the blessing of animals. It has become dominated by pet dogs. This is fair enough, and they are very lovable; but there is more to the animal kingdom than pets. This hymn is intended to give other creatures a look in.

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A Hymn for a Service of Blessing the Animals (Tune: “The Day of Resurrection”)

Come bring your cats and guinea pigs, your hamsters and your dogs.
Come farmers bring your woolly sheep, your gimmers, tups and hogs.
Let praise for all Creation resound upon the breeze.
But if your parrot says rude words, control it if you please.

Zoo-keepers bring your charges; tapirs and wild boars.
North aisle for vegetarians and south for carnivores.
We love to see the gibbons swing, and chat to chimpanzees.
But pythons, tigers, grizzly bears – control them if you please.

All microscopic forms of life that live in sludgy gloop
We owe our life to such as you, in the primaeval soup.
The algae in the duck pond and the plankton in the seas
Shall brithers be for a’ that (but don’t bring killer bees!)

Come beasts, however humble; come rats and gnats and mice
Bless midges, worms and ladybirds; bless ants and bugs and lice.
The glory of Creation includes the ticks and fleas.
But if you’ve brought a virus, do be careful not to sneeze.

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